Census Data


21 Jun
  • The provisional Census figures show that Kerala has a total population of 3,33,87,677 -  1,60,21,290 males and 1,73,66,387 females.
  • Kerala stand first in literacy rate in India (93.91 percent). Bihar holds the backmost position in literacy rate in India (63.82 per cent ).
  • While most States in the country registered double-digit growth in the population during 2001 to 2011, is only 4.86 in Kerala.
  • Among the districts, Malappuram tops the population list with 41,10,956 persons constituting 12.31 per cent of the State’s total population. Wayanad with 8,16,558 persons, constituting 2.45 per cent of the State’s population, is at the bottom of the list. Malappuram also recorded the highest growth in population (13.39 per cent) during the decade 2001 – 2011.
  • Population decreased by 3.12 per cent in Pathanamthitta and by the 1.93 per cent in Idukki during the decade ending 2011.
  • Density of population is the highest in Thiruvananthapuram ( 1509 persons per square kilometre ) and the lowest in Idukki ( 254 persons per square kilometer).
  • There are 33,22,247 children below the age of sis in the State. They constitute 9.95 per cent of the population. The sex ratio among children below the age of six is 959.
  • Kerala has the highest sex ratio among all Indian States. The State’s sex ratio is 1084. This is big jump from ten years ago – in 22001 the State’s sex ratio  was 1058. It is the highest among the districts in Kannur (1,133) and the lowest in Idukki (1,006).
  • As much as 93.91 per cent of the population ( after leaving out children below the age o f six ) is literate in Kerala. The male literacy rate is 96.02, while female literacy rate is 91.98. Literacy rate has increased by 3.05 per cent during the past one decade. Among the districts, Pathanamthitta tops in literacy ( 96.93 per cent ) while Palakkad in at the bottom of the list ( 88.49 per cent )


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